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Image by Mike Meeks

To place a cake / cupcake order from Baked by Kate, please fill out and submit the order request form on this page.

I will respond via email to within 24 hours to confirm receipt of your order request. If I have any questions, I will include in my response to you.

Key requirements for your order:

1. Flavour

2. Filling: Ganache, buttercream or other

3. Frosting: Fully frosted, naked, buttercream or other

4. Cake Style: Chocolate shards, drip cake, caramel popcorn, macarons, fresh flowers, etc.

5. Size:

6" - up to 10 people

Tall 6" - up to 20 people

8" - up to 20 people

Tall 8" - up to 40 people

10" - up to 30 people

Tall 10" - up to 60 people

Other sizes upon request

Ideally, 3 weeks notice is required for all orders.

Contact me at for more info.

Cake Details *

Please describe your desired cake / cupcake and include size, theme, colours, flavours and any other relevant information. If unsure, I'm happy to discuss options with you.

Thanks for submitting!

Contact Me

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